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26 October 2010

'Mr Nice' aka Howard Marks

I shot these a while ago at Howard Marks home in Wales. After the release of the new film 'Mr Nice' this week, I guess he may be upgrading...

18 October 2010

Guiseppe & Angelo L'Uomo Ragno (Spiderman)

When I was in Sicily I saw some goat farmers, stopped the car and I jumped out to take some shots. That's how I met Angelo (right) and Guiseppe (left), two very typical Sicillians. I'm editing what I think is an interesting portrayal of where they live and work. Goats pictured above.

14 October 2010

Gaetano D'Palermo

I recently travelled to Sicily with Lisa from Le Dolci. Gaetano from Palermo(pictured) was quite a dramatic subject. I'm sure he is related to De Niro in some way. He has to be.

The Paper Princess

I've worked with Hattie Newman quite a bit recently on a project for a pharmaceutical company.
She has a great skill with paper.

13 October 2010


This was made out of bottle tops I collected on a beach in the Balearics... inspired by the recent project I worked on with Tia Grazette for Adventure Eco.