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26 October 2010

'Mr Nice' aka Howard Marks

I shot these a while ago at Howard Marks home in Wales. After the release of the new film 'Mr Nice' this week, I guess he may be upgrading...

18 October 2010

Guiseppe & Angelo L'Uomo Ragno (Spiderman)

When I was in Sicily I saw some goat farmers, stopped the car and I jumped out to take some shots. That's how I met Angelo (right) and Guiseppe (left), two very typical Sicillians. I'm editing what I think is an interesting portrayal of where they live and work. Goats pictured above.

14 October 2010

Gaetano D'Palermo

I recently travelled to Sicily with Lisa from Le Dolci. Gaetano from Palermo(pictured) was quite a dramatic subject. I'm sure he is related to De Niro in some way. He has to be.

The Paper Princess

I've worked with Hattie Newman quite a bit recently on a project for a pharmaceutical company.
She has a great skill with paper.

13 October 2010


This was made out of bottle tops I collected on a beach in the Balearics... inspired by the recent project I worked on with Tia Grazette for Adventure Eco.

06 September 2010

Pablo The Puerto Rican

Pablo. He's a deep guy. I took this shot while he was watching the basketball at Rucker Park. Soon after me and Pablo had a very interesting conversation and I met his son.

02 September 2010


A couple of images from a personal series shot recently at Shoreditch Studios a really nice space to work in. Ihunna Eberendu did an amazing job with the styling with very little notice.

20 August 2010

The Cage: 4th Street NYC

Nike West 4th Street Pro Classic Women's Basketball Summer League at West 4th Street Park in New York City, New York

Nick The Selectivist

With the help of Madgi Fernandez (www.wearehq.com) I filmed Nick Schonberger get his hair cut... Nick is bloody funny and an exceptionally talented critic.

It's Nice That

A few of my coolest friends had told me about this publication/site and I finally met one of the founders last week in NYC. Will is a great ambassador for the 'It's Nice That' philosophy because he is really nice. I ordered the new issue as soon as I landed, looking forward to getting my hands on it... pause. Peace Will.

18 August 2010

NYC People Street Shots

Arie and Martin
Nesquick Bunny and Magdi
Puerto Rico Fans

17 August 2010


Joshua working at the Magnolia bakery in the Meatpacking district.


Getting the metro on Lexington Ave.


Taking a break from lunch in Greenwich Village.